About us

AL MOTAWIRON AL ARAB is a Saudi company that started out in the construction industry.

Al Motawiron Al Arab Contracting and Trading Est.

works in the building and construction industry for twenty years, making it a pioneer in these fields that offer high performance and quick execution. Our work is the greatest indicator of our growth and advancement.


electromechanical projects

civil projects

agricultural projects

marine projects

agricultural projects

  • Design and coordination of public and home gardens
  • Supply and installation of natural and synthetic ethyl
  • Implementation of waterfalls, fountains, umbrellas and berms
  • Garden maintenance contracts

agricultural projects

For many reasons, the notion of conducting an agricultural project sounds like a very pleasant one. Agricultural activities frequently produce goods that are in high demand. This facilitates quicker, less expensive, and easier sales.

Besides. Many industrial and commercial enterprises are more expensive to start up than agricultural projects. Although agricultural initiatives sometimes have lower operational costs than their commercial and industrial equivalents. Profit is another significant benefit.

marine projects

  • Construction of fixed sidewalks
  • Supply and installation of moving sidewalks
  • Establishment of water games areas and swimming pools
  • Maintenance and cleanliness of beaches and marinas

marine projects

A core team of professionals

Professional engineers, foremen and Laboure along with a full marine crew that are able to undertake any challenging marine project.

Institutionalized business systems

standardize our delivery systems and capture and enhance our critical know-how, both technical and management-related

Productive assets

We directly owns a sizable base of productive assets, including barges, tugboats, cranes, excavators, transverse cutter heads, jack hammers, sand dredging pumps, heavy lift bags, rollers and survey equipment

Supply Chain Partners

A solid network of suppliers and subcontractors, both local and overseas, enables us to source quality products and services required on each projects

Our clients

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